4days/3nights Chanjwala+Saponidhar + Gaun beed(Pick and drop from Delhi)

Your wings already exist all you have to do is fly.

4days/3nights Chanjwala peak+ Saponi grassland+Gaun beed plateau(pick and drop from Delhi).

*If you do not want to be the part of the group trip , you can also decide your own dates
and let us know at trek@thachivalley.com or whatsapp at 8587802134.

Transport included:
Transport 1: From Delhi to Aut station (volvo tickets)
Transport 2: From Aut station to Thachi (Taxi)
Transport 3: From Thachi to Autstation(Taxi)
Transport 4: From Aut to Delhi(Volvo tickets)
Detailed itinerary:
Starting from Delhi:

First day:
Comfortable volvo tickets will be booked from Delhi till Aut station. We have collaboration with volvo buses and you will get the lowest price bus tickets at Rs950 (actual price is Rs 1200 one way) per person till Aut station (Transport 1).
You will reach Aut in the morning around 7AM to 10AM depending your the timing you choose to start from Delhi.From Aut Taxi will pick you to reach Thachi (Transport 2). Its one and a half hour travel from Aut to Thachi. Once you reach Thachi, our local representative will receive you and will guide you to the camp site.Tents will be allocated and some time to get refresh.
After this meal will be served. After our first meal, we will be heading towards the Thachi main station.
AFter Viting the Bithu narayan temple site and local site seeing we will be heading towards the Hadimba Peak site. Its one hour short trek from Thachi main station.
AFter enjoying the beautiful 3D view of the valley from the top of Hadimba Peak we will be heading to our camp. It will be a half an hour short down-trek while you enjoy the beautiful sunset till you reach you campsite by evening.
Bonfire will be installed and we a have beautiful open spacious bonfire site with some background music if you like it. You will enjoy your time here.
Dinner will be served and you can spend time at the bonfire site and checking the nearby place around the campsite.
Sleeping bags, mattresses , camp lights etc everything will be from our side.
Goodnight to our first day. 2nd day: After enjoying beautiful sunrise at the campsite, breakfast will be served and today we will be heading to Chanjwala peak.
Its 5 hour one way trek from the base camp. You can take your camera phone and other important belongings with you and rest of the luggage can be kept at the campsite or can be taken along with you too as tonight we will be having home stay deep into the valley at zahira village.
Through our trek to Chanjwala peak grassland ,we will be going through some beautiful sites and water stream. It is an easy and beautiful trek.
Once we reach Chanjwala peak, lunch will be served and will will send some quality time at the peak enjoying nature and beautiful sites around the peak.
AFter spending some time at the peak we will have 2 hour down trek through the grassland and reach at Zahir village. Zahira is small village located deep into the Thachi valley.
Rooms are available for as much as 50 travelers and also available for solo travelers too.
Rooms will be allocated and dinner will be served. Enjoy your night at Zahira village.
Goodnight to the 2nd day. 3rd day: AFter our breakfast at Zahira village, today we will be covering Saponidhar grassland and reach to Gaun beed plateau by evening and settle our jungle camp at Gaun beed plateau. Lunch will be served in the mid way. We will start from Zahira in the morning and will reach Saponidhar with in 2 hours.Saponidhar is beautiful and unexplored site with never ending grassland area at the one side and old tall devdar trees on the other side. The trek to the saponidhar is beautiful. Spending some time at Saponidhar we will be going forward for one hour more and taxi will pickup us in the mid way to make us reach Kamehdhar. The time taxi pick us and to reach Kamehdhar its 25 minutes.
From Kamehdhar we will have to trek for one hour more to reach our campsite at Gaunbeed.
Gaun beed plateau is a mesmerizing unexplored site with tall devdar trees around you in all three direction and one side is open for a view of the valley.
You will be able to see a beautiful view of the whole valley from the plateau.
Bonfire will be installed and dinner will be served and tents will be allocated.
Goodnight and enjoy you jungle camping night. 4rd day:
Its a beautiful day, you at enjoying you sunrise on a plateau which is no where near to human civilization with a mesmerizing view of the valley.
After breakfast, we will be visiting Gharl saw jungle grass land.
You will love the beauty that nature has stored for you and is unexplored by most of the world yet. While our returning downtrek , we will be witnessing the hidden Gaun beed waterfall and this breath taken but freezed in winters.
Lunch will be served at Kamehdhar and by evening we will be reaching back to Ashu water stream.
Taxi will pick you from here and will drop you at Aut station (Transport 3) where you bus will be waiting for you.
Bus from Aut to Delhi will start from Aut around 5-8pm(transport 4).
You will reach back to Delhi next morning around 7-8AM.

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