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Must read

Thachi is not a tourist hub, not yet.

This is not a kind of place where you just walk in and then try to search for rooms like other hill stations, you wont find any. Valley is not aware of the tourist yet. You will have to inform us prior one or two day at least.  We are informing you this as per the experience cause some of the visitors have already faced this issue but we tried our level best to arrange rooms for them too.

We have already arranged rooms for you with cooperation of the local people and we the website owners are local too. You need not to worry about anything and not even about budget. We have arranged everything for you, just let us know when.

Mail us at or whatsapp at 08587802134.
 We will get back to you at the earliest.

Before you plan your trip to  Thachi, I would like to make few things clear.
Some people like luxury, some like luxury with nature and there are few others who like woods. 
This place is for the last type,  nature freak types.

Though you will get basic facilities like decent room and good food and at inexpensive rate but the thing is, we do not want to transform Thachi into a new tourist hub. We are happy as we are but nature lovers are most welcome anytime.

Making few things clear

Your mode of transport can make you to reach Thachi only and  after that if  you want to feel the valley, you and your friends are on foot only. You will have to trek and this is the only mode you are left with once you reach Thachi.

If you are planning to visit and discover some unknowns about which the world has not heard yet, be ready for a cool trek, be ready to loose your phone signals , be ready to smell woods and be ready to come what may.

Come with your friends, come with your group or come alone. We are here to help you regarding anything you need.
Place to stay, need some local guide or any other thing.

Feel free to contact.

About your stay:

The best part is that stay and food is budget friendly and you as  nature lovers are here to feel nature and not to stay in expensive hotels.

There are no hotels and only one cottage is available and it goes with first come first serve basis.
You have to confirm you booking before your arrival and everything will go smooth.
We do have arrangement for home stay and camping.
Stay can be arranged deep into the valley as you follow the trek if you are interested.


I would suggest you to contact us before you plan your trip so that we can go with the prior booking of the rooms. You need not to pay  prior but just let us know that you are planning to visit. If you visit by your own you might find difficulty in find rooms to stay and to arrange guides and food.

We do not have any star facility available here but still you will find a good decent room and good food.

This is just an approximation, once you confirm your arrival, we can confirm you the price as per the availability of the rooms.  Food will be fresh and home made. No hotel food.

Go through the website to check some cool waterfalls and some other places to trek.

Feel free to contact.

Fill your details below so that we can contact you regarding your queries.