How to reach?

How to reach?

Just be aware of the fact that its not much commercialized and most of the travelers are not aware of this place as of now.
We do not have hotels here and only one cottage is available. You need to go with pre booking so that we can be  prepared for your arrival and there is no last minute rush. Cottage is booked on first come first serve basis.

If you want to visit the place by your own, I would suggest, you better plan your trip with your friends , at least one more including you , as treks and nature can be enjoyed more with your best buddies.

Starting from Delhi

You need to board any bus with Destination Kullu or Mandi or Manali.
Frequency of the buses toward Manali , Kullu and Mandi is good so you can book a bus easily.
There are low fare buses and other luxury buses like Volvo and Ac buses.
You need to deboard your bus at Aut Station. From Aut station you can hire a taxi directly to Thachi or you can contact us to book a taxi. We have a dedicated taxi service to Thachi Valley , which will cost you less than general taxi rate.
You can also choose public transport from Aut station to reach Thachi.

Contact us and we have everything arranged for you including taxi , stay, food and at the best possible rate.


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  1. Pallavi

    Hey.. m planning to visit thachi Valley in end of june. Can u please tell if its the suitable time and also arrange for taxi n stay.

    • Your Guide for Thachi Valley.

      More than happy to help you.
      There is only one cottage to stay here and camping is also available , camps and tents from our side.
      Taxi can be arranged from Aut station or direct from your location depending on the number of travelers.
      You need to go with pre booking as the cottage booking goes on first come first serve basis.
      Feel free to contact us back.

  2. meenakshi

    hi we are planning to visit thachi auguest second week how we reach thachi from trivandrum kerala and accomodation and tour planning

    • Your Guide for Thachi Valley.

      Tour planning will be done from our side, you need not to worry.
      How to reach, Delhi to Chandighar to mandi to Aut and Thachi. Direct bus from Delhi to Aut and from Aut taxi to Thachi.
      Whatsapp or call at 8587802134

  3. Sandeep John

    I ave 3 nights from 12-14 Aug.Can you detail about Thachi valley and suggest an economical outing

    • Your Guide for Thachi Valley.

      You can plan for New year, it will be snow here at that time.

  4. Raju chandra

    I can’t trek due to personal health reasons. Is there a way out that I can visit and see whole of Thachj valley while escaping the trek part

    • Your Guide for Thachi Valley.

      You can cover 60% of the places without trek.

  5. Tushar

    Planning for Thachi from 24th till 26th jan, 17
    Can you please help and also if you can share a brochure or something ot would be helpful.

  6. raghav

    Is mid-january a good time to visit thachi valley? Can we expect snowfall?

    • Your Guide for Thachi Valley.

      Yes sure, we have snow till mid of March.

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