What Is The Best Part ?

The best part is :

You will experience peace in your mind and with your pocket.
Budget friendly Stay.
Inexpensive good food (no hotel food)
Inexpensive Guides to accompany you with your trek.
No Traffic, No horns, No Crowd.

Get some time from your busy life. Come with your friends, stay for 3 days, trek some peaks and unknown waterfalls, get back to your busy life.


If you do not like the way Hotels Charges for their expensive furniture from you.
If you think that Hotel charges a bit high for the food without any specific reason.
If you do not like luxury much.
If you want to feel the nature without disturbing you pocket.
If you do not like crowd and traffic horns.
If you have at least one more friend who love nature.
This is the place for you.

Until now, If you wanted to feel nature, there were option like Manali, Shimla, Kasoli, Jammu and other famous hill stations. You pay 2k for room, 1k for guide and 500 for food per day minimum and if you want to stay  for 3 days , it will go up to 10k for other places but not Thachi.

Excluding the Taxi charges which will be approx 3k and your transportation charges from your home town taking minimum 2k.
So other places will cost  approx. 15k for a three day trip when we all know Nature do not charge anything ,Waterfalls do not charge to feel it and forest do not charge anything to get a walk through it. It won’t cost you even half here, not even one third.

You wont get star facilities here at Thachi but you are not planning your trip to stay in luxury hotels, you could have got all this at your home town too.

You are planning a trip to feel the nature.

Try Thachi once.

You will get everything you are expecting out of nature without disturbing your pocket.

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