Thachi Gaunbeed Plateau Trek September 2018

Thachi Gaunbeed Plateau Trek September 2018
You are wishing for a mountaintop ain’t you ?

About Thachi:
Not known by most, a beautiful alp at 2300 meters above sea level. No crowd and only nature.
No one to disturb your around for miles. Green lush forest in all direction and ever changing landscape from  crystal clear water streams to hidden waterfalls and lush green trails through dense deodar forest.

Gaunbeed Plateau:
3D view of the valley from an untouched mountain top. See clouds and birds beneath you.
Gaunbeed is a tableland at the top of the mountain at 2800 metres above sea level in Thachi Alp region. It is a 5-6 hour trek from Thachi main station crossing water streams and waterfalls and beautiful untouched landscape and through the dense old deodar forest. Camping under the stars and it will be once in a lifetime experience to explore the unexplored and we locals are here to make this a memorable trip.

Starting dates from Delhi:
Batch 1: 1st Sep to  3rd Sep (Start from Delhi  31st August eve, reach Delhi on 4th Sep 7 AM)
Batch 2: 21st Sep to 23rd Sep (Start from Delhi  20nd Sep eve,reach Delhi on 24th Sep 7 AM)

With transport: Rs 6200 (Volvo to and from Delhi and local Taxi included)
Without Transport: Rs 3900 (Reach by your own till Aut station, After that it’s on us, local taxi included)

Day one:
Night Journey from Delhi by comfortable volco bus till Aut station.
We will start around 7 PM from Delhi

Day two: (5-6 hour trek)
Reach Aut at 7 AM
Taxi will pick us from Aut to Thachi (45 minutes)
Get fresh at Ropa Cottage
After some rest, we will start the trek after lunch around 11 AM
Lunch will be packed.

Sites we cover:
Ashu alli water stream.
Tandi Summit
Gaun Beed hidden waterfall  (Lunch here)
Gaun beed plateau
Stay: Camping at Gaun beed plateau under the stars.


Day three:
After getting fresh we will sightseeing of nearby places.
Lunch will be packed.


Sites covered:
Gharlsaw Grassland
Kamehdhar (Lunch at Kamehdhar)
By evening reach back to our Campsite.
Goodnight for the second day.
Stay: Camping

Day four:
AFter our breakfast we will start our back trek .
By evening we will reach the Chori village.
Taxi will pick us from Chauri village and drop us at Aut station.
From Aut volvo back to Delhi around 7 PM

Day five:
Reach Delhi early in the morning around 7 AM


What is in :
Two night camping and all meals included, breakfast dinner lunch for the days you are here, guided hiking trail, bonfire and other small activities included. Tents, sleeping bags will be provided from our side.

Meals included are vegetarian only  and non-veg would be charged extra and can be cooked on request.

Tents are available on single, double , triple and quad basis as per your choice and at the same price which is mentioned above.

What is not in :
Any special request like for maggie and soups other then the meals (breakfast dinner lunch ) or tea other than morning and evening tea will be charged extra on individual basis.



Amenities :
Clean tents and sleeping bags and mattresses.
Toilets: Dry pit only
Request for a homestay can be taken but homestay will be at a distance of 1 km from the camping site. You need to confirm this before.


For with transport:
60% of the total amount to be paid as booking amount before one week of the date and rest to be paid the day you reach Thachi.

For without transport:
50% of the total amount to be paid as booking amount before one week of the date and rest to be paid the day you reach Thachi.

Whatsapp or call at
Mail at
Mode of payment :

No cancellation charges till 4 days before the date.
20% cancellation charges before 3 days of the date.
30% cancellation charges before 2 days of the date.
40% cancellation charges if cancelled after 2 days remaining.
Rest amount will be refund to the same account from where you have made the payment.

For reviews :
We know Thachi is a new place for you and you might be hearing this name for the first time.
It’s all about nature and peace and exploring the unexplored nature and now crowd at all.
You can check on internet for the review and below is one blog from one of our latest traveler who were in Gaun beed trek.
Gaunbeed Trek by Tripoto travelers   
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