Place to trek: Gaun Beed Waterfall

Gaun Beed waterfall.

3 hour trek from Thachi main location.
Approximately 2000 meter above sea level.
Waterfall is hidden somewhere into the woods and can’t be seen until you reach just beneath it.
Gaun Beed Waterfall is not known my most. This is a very magnificent waterfall.
You can see it either from the front mountain or when you are just beneath the waterfall. This
waterfall is not seen from any other location.

When you are about to reach the waterfall, you will remove some bushes in front of you and there it is,
water falling from the cloud. You wont be able to see the top of this waterfall when you are just beneath it.
It will look like water is falling directly from the cloud.
A must visit site for nature lovers.

On the way to Gaun Beed waterfall, you will be visit other sites too, the Ashu Alli Water Stream and The Ashu Alli waterfall 2 best place to take dip and swim in snow melted water and after Gaun Beed waterfall, you will be guided to GAun Beed Peak. A beautiful site.


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